It’s a phenomenon that has seemingly grabbed the attention of many followers around the globe, yet some Pokemon Go fans could be risking their job security or even facing trespass charges in their determined pursuit of virtual monsters. Some people have become so addicted by the hugely popular app that they have continued to play the game whilst at work or during office hours as they work from home, much to the annoyance of their employers.

Law firms been approached

Those fearing the sack from work due to their extreme Pokemon behaviour have begun to approach law firms such as FBC Manby Bowdler for advice.

A spokeswoman for the company recently commented on the dangers of becoming too immersed in the craze, with home or mobile workers particularly susceptible it seems. If caught out, such misconduct could result in disciplinary action being taken against such individuals.

Potential trespass charges

Yet further misery could befall players caught wandering on to private property, either oblivious to their location or too hell-bent in their quest to worry about any potential consequences. Whether accidental or not, law firm Lodders have flagged up several such cases in recent weeks.

Reports of gamers being confronted by angry farmers have been highlighted by property lawyers, such as James Spreckley.

Warning of the dangers associated with such actions, Mr Spreckley commented that besides the risk of injury by coming into contact with animals or farm machinery, “they could also face a claim for trespass and even criminal charges.”

Pokemon Go-related news

Other Pokemon Go-related incidents that have been reported in recent times give an indication of how strong the craze has become:

- Dudley Council officials were forced to block a road located close to ancient ruins, as gamers had been parking on double yellow lines and residents had complained of anti-social behaviour.

- Posture experts have warned of the health dangers from “Pokemon posture”, with neck and back muscle damage potentially resulting from the typical stance adopted of head down and shoulders pointing forward.

- Six-time world champion gymnast, Kohei Uchimura ran up such a large phone bill in Rio whilst playing the augmented-reality game, that he faced the mammoth charge of 500,000 yen (£3,700).

Charged with child endangerment

Parents can also be caught out by their addiction to the game, with a couple in Arizona having been charged recently after leaving their two-year-old toddler alone in a heatwave. Brent Daley and his wife, Brianne left their young boy to fend for himself as temperatures soared to 35C.

Concerned neighbours reported that the child was crying and clearly attempting to re-enter his home in Sun Tan Valley, as his unconcerned parents were playing the popular game. Sadly, the child has now been taken into care as a result of their extreme actions.