NASA´s Juno will begin orbiting Jupiter next Monday, July 4, and it´s expected that the first data gathered from the gas giant will expand the understanding about the composition and evolution of the evolution of the planet. It´s hoped that the first sounds from this part of space inspire musicians with new tones for their compositions.

NASA and Apple

June 30 marked a new era of cooperation between NASA and Apple intended to involve musicians in the production of new songs having as inspiration the deeds of Juno mission.

Music and science

The idea is to combine Science with other areas of interest, including the arts, space technology, app development or any other type of science.

The main picture is to make science and technology more accessible to the general public. Apple is making its media reachable to the artistic community, especially musicians interested in linking their art with technology.

Recorded music

The Juno mission has already inspired artists to develop their creativity based on space themes. To date, eight tracks of Music covering varied genre have been recorded by renowned musicians such as; alternative rock band Weezer and country music singer Brad Paisley. ¨I love the USA¨ is one of the first songs by this group having as the main theme the Juno spirit.

Destination Jupiter

Bands including ¨Nine Inch Nails¨ have recorded songs for the project. Juno is a nine minute cinematic soundscape that provides the soundtrack for the short film, ¨Visions of Harmony.

Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross recorded the Academy Award winning song for the movie ¨The Social Network.¨ other composers to Apple´s ¨Destination Jupiter¨ include rapper GZA the genius, Mexican rock band Zoe, British songwriter Corinne Bailey Rae, and My Morning Jacket lead man Jim James.

Juno mission

This mission integrates the creativity of many people through their activities.

The scientific community and the artistic are linked together to come up with music creations. Juno has been integrating music through the various sounds it has performed since its launch and it will continue to produce sounds of inspiration once it enters in orbit around Jupiter.