Today, at 12:15 PM PDT (3:15 PM EDT), Command product, ¨ji4040¨ will be transmitted to set Juno Spacecraft into autopilot mode. The signal will take approximately 48 minutes to cover the distance of 860 million km (534 million miles) between the Deep Space Network antenna and Juno. The ji4040 command is one of four commands that will be sent to Juno spacecraft.

Jupiter Orbit insertion

The first command, ¨ji4040¨ starts the sequence that will guide Juno´s insertion into orbit around Jupiter. As soon as the command arrives, Juno´s software program will initialize.

Once in autopilot, the spacecraft will continue to be monitored from earth.

Juno as a musical inspiration

NASA is in collaboration with Apple in an effort to inform and excite the public to become participants in the explorations of space, such as Juno. Destination Juno is a collaboration comprising of the Music industry and interplanetary exploration. The creations projected from this collaboration include exploratory sounds by many artists who have found inspiration in Juno and other space missions.

Apple has captured some scenes from the Juno mission in behind the scenes documentary, which is available in a variety of Apple platforms. Juno has inspired the creation of educational and informative content which will be available for as long as the spacecraft mission lasts.Music artists have placed their attention to the events in space.

This mission and many others will surely provide a vast array of sounds from where to come up with new sounding ideas for arranging melodies.


Juno mission is projected to determine Jupiter´s atmospheric composition and determine water contents; it will study the planet’s magnetic and gravity fields to obtain an insightful idea of the core´s structure.

The polar orbit at which it will fly will allow the investigation of Jupiter´s magnetosphere and auroras.The mission´s scientific accomplishments will improve scientists understanding of the processes occurring during the early formation of the solar system and the evolution of Jupiter during these early moments in the history of the universe.