The Oscars ceremony, which takes place tonight in the glittering town of LA, will always take hold of the spotlight and most of the entertainment headlines at this time of year, and the 2016 affair is no different. In addition to the usual speculation on the potential winners and losers, there is this year's race issue for the Academy to contend with. While most stars prepared for these crucial awards and practised their speeches (or their humble faces of defeat), another important ceremony took place to knock all these stars down a peg or two – the Razzies.

Otherwise known as the Golden Raspberries, this annual event takes place the night before the Oscars and 'celebrates' some of the less successful films to have graced the Cinema screens in the last twelve months. The main talking point to come out of this year's crop of 'winners' is the decision to give the award for supporting actor to Eddie Redmayne – the same Eddie Redmayne that is up for Best Actor at the Oscars for his portrayal of transgender heroine Lili Elbe in The Danish Girl. The award has been given for his hammy performance as a supervillian in Jupiter Ascending. It appears that Redmayne was having a lot of fun with this role, or simply didn't care, and his overacting was arguably a 'high' point in a ridiculous Film.

Jupiter Ascending did not win for Worst Picture. Instead that 'honour' was shared by the unwanted Fantastic Four reboot and the adaptation of Fifty Shades of Grey. The movie of the bestselling book was pretty faithful to the characterisation of the Anastasia and Christian and to the themes, which is why it is no surprise that the film cleaned up in most of the categories.

Worst Actor, Worst Actress and Worst Couple were given to Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan, to the shock of nobody.

If Eddie Redmanyne does succeed in winning both an Oscar and a Razzy on the same weekend that it will surely showcase the breadh of his range as an actor – for every careful character study and heartfelt performance there is one where he just turns things up a notch and has fun. It certainly makes his casting in the upcoming Harry Potter movie even more intriguing.