After a decline of sales and possible near extinction the vinyl record appears to be making a comeback into the charts, and it's even managed to re-insert its impact on the charts. Since 2014 the number of vinyl records have soared as an estimated 3 million were sold and has resulted in the re-launch of the vinyl charts, which has contributed to the Official Charts. Figures show that their sales at the highest for 15 years and that it shows no sign of slowing down anytime soon as sales continue to increase.

British bands that have launched their Music on the vinyl format are rock bands such as Arctic Monkeys with their latest album, AM; Jack White with Larazetto and Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds with his latest record of the same name.

One of the benefits of this particular surge in sales is that it has helped massively with independent record stores whose sales were facing decline only a few years ago when digital sales were on the increase. Well known music retailers such as HMV are also lucky to benefit from this latest news as they sell both CD and vinyl which have no doubt helped many bands, both old and new, shift record sales.

On April 18th many record stores will be participating in Record Store Day with many known artists selling their music on vinyl format. Artists said to be taking part with their records are:

A-Ha - Take on me

Foo Fighters - Songs From The Laundry Room

Johnny Marr - I Feel You

U2 - Songs of Innocence

Mumford & Sons will also be taking part by having their new album Wilder Mind played at selected stores as part of the event, and Lars Ulrich of rock/metal band Metallica have voiced their support of the event.

I admit that I'm not much of an avid record buyer but I have been tempted to start buying records again. I have got vinyls before either as a free giveaway from a music magazine or as a birthday present and I have bought the odd dance/trance record a few years ago.

With this news of the surge in the old vinyls I could probably raid my parents old records as I practically grew up listening to their music collection and see what I can dust off as I've come across the odd gem.

During this summer I'm going on my annual spending spree in town and will no doubt be walking into the local HMV to buy a record album of one of my favourite bands.

Or I'll probably walk into an independent record store next time I pass it and see what they've got whilst I'm at it. Wonder if they've got the latest album by The Killers?