Rap sensation Marion "Suge" Knight has been arrested for murder after a hit and run incident in Compton, California on Thursday. Knight's attorney James Blatt told ABC News that his client did not make the $2.025 million bail that was set by the court, and will remain behind bars until prosecutors decide which offence to charge him under.

According to Blatt, his client Knight was behind the wheel of the car when the accident occurred. 55-year old actor Trey Carter was killed in the accident, and Cle "Bone" Sloan was injured. Knight met with homicide detectives once he was identified as a person of interest in the hit-and-run investigations. The District Attorney is expected to get the case on Monday to decide what to charge Knight with.

Knight did not realize he had hit someone, said Blatt speaking to the media. According to him, his client was fleeing for his life after a group of people had attacked him and had attempted to drag him outside his vehicle. He added that police were still looking for both eyewitnesses and video evidence of the incident. He hoped that once videos were made available, his client would be exonerated.

Los Angeles Sheriff's Department has said that witnesses identified Knight as the driver of the vehicle. They also described the car involved in the hit-and-run as a red Ford F-150 Raptor, similar to a vehicle owned by the music mogul.

The rap legend has a troubled history with the law. In just August last year, he was shot at a pre-MTV Video Music Awards party in Los Angeles. That was not the first time he was shot at. In 2005, he was shot at another pre-VMAs party that was hosted by Kanye West. Marion, who founded Death Row Records, was also driving the car in which Tupac Shakur, another rapper, was fatally shot.

Marion's Death Row Records has released a number of successful albums in the past, including Dr. Dre's 'The Chronic'. The record producing company dominated the hip-hop scene on the west coast, and helped develop famous artists such as Snoop Dogg.