Electronic Arts announced on Monday December 22, 2014 the official release of the new Battlefield Hardline trailer. They seemed pretty enthusiastic about it and made quite clear that this was going to be the fastest version of their saga ever made so far. They offered a glimpse of the new Battlefield Hardline and judging by what we saw, it might not be an overstatement at all.

This game will offer the player the opportunity to become a cop with a bad attitude fighting crime. There are many options available in this regard so we will try to cover them all or at least most of them.

First of all, we would have to point out that on this occasion you are not a top soldier wearing the latest warfare technology and this will dramatically change our approach to the game.

Player will become a cop armed with nothing more than a pistol, a Teaser gun and of course their badge (which can prove to be quite effective if used correctly) and the main objective will be to either eliminate or incapacitate criminals. However, most of the time if you have to choose between a non-lethal take down and a Rambo shoot-them-all-up approach, it is far safer to go for a more stealthy approach using non-lethal take downs. Also if you manage to sneak past the criminals and you get close enough, you can use your gun, your badge and your lungs to shout "Freeze!" which will allow you to place handcuffs on the criminals and remain unharmed.

However, in order for the Freeze technique to work in Battlefield Hardline you have to keep waving your gun at the criminals or else they might try to test their luck and shoot you.

Another important aspect of Battlefield Hardline is that the criminal´s AI will get boosted. EA still hasn't found the correct balance between smart criminals and an enjoyable game. If criminals become far too smart it could make the game nearly impossible to play, as well as dumb criminals could make it fat too easy or simply too unrealistic. For example, EA revealed they are working in a "last known position system". This means criminals will temporarily cool down and look for the player if they discovered him but he then hid out, rather than shooting relentlessly once they discovered your location. This allows you the player to rely on a stealth approach once again.