Parents all over the country breathed a collective sigh of relief when the children returned to school . But still as the weather stays fair and the prospect of an Indian summer means there is still the chance to get out at weekends.

The cry of what are we going to do today is never far from a child's lip . He or she gets progressively more grizzly if activities and trips out are not arranged. There cannot be a person in the country who hasn't at some point in time heard the moan " I'm bored" coming from a child. So as the children have returned to school there are still a few educational days out you can do.

It doesn't have to be expensive in fact there are many little gems right on your doorstep. The local animal rescue centre is a good start. Whether it be owls, Bird of prey, horses , donkey sanctuary and dogs home.

All offer a lovely day out and educate the child in to the world of animal protection. A sure favourite with all are the seals sanctuaries. It is well worth the effort to visit, who hasn't fallen for those big expressive eyes and cute appearance? The seal sanctuaries can be found at many seaside resorts across the country.

One recent major attraction in the Yorkshire region is the arrival of Victor the polar bear retired from the breeding program in Europe, now living in the Yorkshire Wildlife park close to Doncaster.

The centre is came to fame with its project to save some lions who were living in appalling conditions in Eastern Europe. This park has gone from strength to strength and is a wonderful educational centre , a fun day out and has plenty of animals to oh and ah over.

So do not be a couch potato at home with the children fighting over the remote control or the play station.

Go out whilst the weather allows it, wrap up warm and explore your own village or town , walk in the beautiful countryside or explore the local museums and attractions. Be a tourist / visitor in your own area it is surprising what you can find. Many people walk daily past their local park and do not bother to look inside, our taxes pay for these place to kept open . Go on look around.