UK online retailer Tesco Direct is listing Dark Souls II for release for Xbox One and PS4. Although the website is only showing placeholder art, it seems to suggest a release for later this year. Developer, From Software, has not mentioned a port but game retailers have accidentally revealed unannounced games in the past (Amazon recently had a listing for GTA V before the E3 Playstation 4 trailer.)

The developers unveiled Bloodborne at E3 exclusive to the Playstation 4 which looks to be a spiritual successor to Demon's Souls. However, sources within the company have suggested that there is another game which is set to be released on both Xbox One and PS4.

From Software have also have been working on Dark Souls II's upcoming trilogy, Crown of the Sunken King DLC.

In an interview with IGN, From Software's Takasuke Ando said that Dark Souls II was created with DirectX 11 and next generation hardware in mind, whilst trying to create the best possible experience on current generation consoles. Although, when asked, they have repeatedly said they had no plans for ports to next generation consoles.

Dark Souls II was released in March, to strong reviews on Xbox 360 and PS3, a PC version was released in April. Despite the strong reviews, developers admitted that they had to tone down the graphics and lighting effects in particular, to be able to release on the stated platforms.

Porting to the new systems has proved a popular move for developers; with Last of Us, Tomb Raider, Metro 2033/Last Light and Grand Theft Auto 5 all being treated to a shiny new coat of paint. Depending on how cynical you are, this is either the developers wanting their games to be enjoyed in the best possible environment or an easy way for publishers to make back money on the staggering cost of making games.

The end of the last generation proved to be quite a struggle for the ageing hardware with some triple A games requiring multiple discs, lengthy installations and a graphics downgrade to run.

With no confirmation from official sources, this rumour (although seemingly likely), is pure speculation until we hear from developers.