Everyone knows the pain of dirty dishes. Even those blessed with a dishwasher still have to load and unload and suffer the consequent Water bill. These simple, homemade solutions will see you through doing up to half of the washing up you have conditioned yourself to use. Note that this guide is for scrubs only, single occupants for lonely candle night microwave dinners for one, a university student and people who perform self-haircuts are welcome.


You order pizza and it comes in a box, right? So, (generally) when you buy a pizza from a supermarket it also comes with one courtesy that lists various cooking instructions and bedazzling images of a gourmet pizza that it never matches up to, right?

Then why is it so common for people to use a plate? Simply take a serrated knife, cut the three sides of a square from the top of the box, fold back the flap and you are now the proud owner of what I call a “Plox”, or plate-box. If you have used a serrated knife as suggested you are now holding an official pizza cutter. When cooking the pizza; try placing it directly onto the grate as opposed to using a pizza tray. A pair of skilled hands can see you through using the same knife to raise the edge of the pizza to shuffle it onto the Plox, to be also used as a cutting board.


Time and time again do I see my friends drinking a canned beverage, throw it away and get a glass to get another drink.

Instead I merely cut around the top of the can with a designated knife, fold the aluminum to avoid nasty cuts to the lips, rinse out the container with water and hey-presto; you have yourself a Daniel, limited edition, can-cup or “Canup” as I call it. For this I would recommend reusing the can for one other type of beverage andthrow it away at the end of the day at the latest.

We may be scrubs, but we still have dignity! And rights! The main reason being that your drinks may start tasting off after multiple uses. Then reuse, recycle your Canup until the next time.


This piece of marvelous engineering was spawned through the implausible serendipity of my use of a Canup with coffee. As I held it in my hand, my palm was almost fusing to the metal as I felt the boiling water begin to fill my proud invention.

asI felt my heart sink, I quickly put it down on my shelf; looking around for inspiration I found it, a can-holder my Gran had gifted to me for my 21st birthday. As the can slid down into the snug fitting holder I felt the primal feeling of discovery, as I marveled at my creation I came up with an alternative solution for people without can-holders. A typical 330ml can will fit perfectly within an ordinary food can. After washing one out, I wrapped tape around it to secure a handle that I had constructed from card salvaged from an old pizza box. I christened it the can-mug or “Cug” respectively as a Canup holder for use with hot drinks.