Cappuccino, that beautiful drink with milk and foam on the top we love, today is not a drink we use to enjoy? Even among experts in this field, there is considerable disagreement concerning what precisely a cappuccino is? Some of them are focusing on the size of the drink, some on flavor, but in fact they have a much harder problem to identify a real  cappuccino than it was before. For example, in the U.S cappuccino is basically a four-ounce drink.

It can be small, medium, and large... in Europe you should try iced cappuccino, there are cappuccinos made with Blue Bottle coffee... and many others... Some experts think that cuppuccino become mobile, and that it is less intense, but the flavor is the same... People who are keen to have the best coffee are want to know exactly what they drink. They are cling to old-school notions of what makes a cappuccino:caffè, hot milk and thick meringue-type foam.

For them the best cappuccino is the one with five-inch mounds of froth sprinkled with cinnamon, unfortunately many cafeterias today make cappuccino without foam. What is true, is that today we do not dring real cappuuccino we drink espresso with milk, and many cafeterias around the world stopped to use name cappuccino because of that...Coffee lovers all around the world who love this so called morning drink, only can suffer for old times when cappuccino was like a drink from dreams  five-inch mounds of froth sprinkled with cinnamon...Perhaps the perfect cappuccino is made without the fancy barista work or  some other trappings...

Perhaps the new generation have they version of cappuccino without the layers, only simple espresso with milk...Maybe they will say that this taste is better than the old one with layers named by someones bright idea from urban legend to use the word "cappuccino" because the color of the foam mixed with the coffee resembled the pale brown color of a Capuchin monk’s robe. Better than the old-school cappuccino wich is invented in 1901. Each generation has the right to decide what kind of coffee is there favorite.

I choose the old-school one, the one with layers and lovely cinnamon... 




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