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This is the precise problem that Styloko aims to solve; it is a Fashion discovery engine that caters specifically to the users tastes. It provides a platform to search for, and discover, fashion. As well as being able to do a general search, Styloko provides the tools for you to get to the fashion you want faster. Since launching their visual discovery last year, the site is able to suggest products depending on what you like, which is organised by pattern, colour and shape, by using a cookie-based algorithm. This means that if you're looking at burgundy peplum dresses, the algorithm will be able to suggest dresses that are the same shape, tops that are the same colour, and a range of similar dresses at varying price ranges.

Ultimately, it functions so as to cater to your tastes, and help you pick out the clothes that you'd naturally be attracted to in store.

Once you've found what you want, all of the products are transactionable on retailers sites and if they aren't, you can bookmark them and be alerted when its back in stock, or when its on sale.

When asked about the innovation behind the website, Shannon described technology as fundamentally being a means to an end: "It's not an end in itself, it's supposed to be a vehicle to make your life easier", and this is exactly what Styloko aims to do. With the ability to check out the Stylehub and be inspired, or shop the covers for similar outfits, Styloko is constantly innovating ways to cater to the fashion needs, and as the CEO, Shannon plays a big part in this.

The desire to take the brand global is spearheaded by Shannon, and supported by the robust and intelligent team behind her.

Shannon describes the company's aims as being reminiscent of a David versus Goliath story, as Styloko, which is smaller than other search engines, aims to become the main search engine for fashion. After witnessing the founders of Google win their first award for best website just 15 years ago, Shannon has no doubt that her team at Styloko will be able to achieve their goals.

Though there are women who like Shannon, lead a number of technology companies in the UK, it is rare that the public hear from them. In being vocal about her passion for women to get more involved in the technology industry, and have the support and confident to do so, Shannon hopes to help the industry represent the population.