On this day and age, we have to be extremely careful with how we manage our image and show ourselves to others 

Social Media is a great tool for this, but it has also the power to ruin your reputation and make it a lot harder to find a suitable job. We have to be sure that when our name pops up on Google the impressions will be positive, and inspire future employers to give us at least a chance by providing them with good information about us.

There are many keys to professional success, but let's get to the basics.

1. Your profile should tell a story, but still sound professional. Writing in the first person makes you look more personal and creates empathy, while writing in the third person makes you sound more credible. You should choose which path you're going to follow, depending on the job and the image you want to project to your hiring manager. He will want to know what sets you apart from others, what your strengths are and how you solve problems.

2. Don't be afraid to adapt depending on the job you want, there isn't only one recipe to success, find yours. LinkedIn is a very important tool, you should put everything that is valuable on your profile there. It should show a solid image of your achievements. A good headline and photo are a plus.A blog is also a really good way to show others who you are, what's important for you, your opinions and what you bring to the table.


All your important updates should be in one place, that way it's easier for a hiring manager to spot all the information about you at once, and nothing special will be left out. Other than Twitter and Facebook, you should also keep your Google Plus profile updated. Fill all the sections, details can be important and what sets you apart from your competitors while the search for the right candidate goes on. Being a tool from Google itself will also help improve search results for your name.

4. Check what comes up when you search your name online, and about a month after these changes are made check it again. Use the same name on all your social media accounts, so it's easier to find you.
Today, what is said about you online is as important as what you say on your résumé.