With Bank closures, capital controls and a growing sense of a more pain for Greek people whether a Grexit is on the horizon or not, some people have come up with novel solutions to the issues facing Greece. Thom Feeney from Yorkshire, England, has decided he wants to crowdfund a €1.6 billion bailout for Greece using the IndieGoGo platform. He has already had donations flooding in. He believes the funding total is more than achievable as there is 503 million people living in the European Union, if every person donated €3 then the Greece bailout target would be achieved.

The shoe shop worker from York placed the Greece bailout campaign up 2 days ago, advertising it on his Twitter wall with the post: "I've decided that I'm going to solve the Greek Debt Crisis. All I need is for everyone in the EU to buy a Feta and Olive salad via this CrowdFunding campaign. Thanks". Thom has never been involved with Greek politics before and hasn't spoken to any European leaders, although he has "heard a rumour from a journalist that Mr Tsipras wanted to get in touch."

There are some interesting perks if you do donate to the cause, €3 gets you an Alex Tsipras postcard, €6 gets you Greek Feta and Olive Salad or a €10 gets you a Bottle of Ouzo. A Greek holiday for 2 is available for €5,000 - for those of you feeling a little more generous.

If you're feeling extra generous then a donation of €1,000,000 gets you... well... mainly gratitude from the Greek people!

Original perks included purchasing a Greek island, but Thom said: "IndieGoGo emailed me to say that as the Greek Government had not officially agreed to this, I wasn't allowed to offer it. A Greek lady emailed to say that she found that perk offensive, which I apologised profusely for, I certainly didn't mean offence."

He believes that he can reach the Greece bailout target, stating that "Europeans are pretty generous on the whole, maybe Ms. Merkel and Mr. Cameron are the exception." He has personally put in €10, claiming himself for a bottle of Ouzo, saying "if 1 in 3 Europeans did the same, we'd get to the target!"