5 pieces of weird news that happened this week

A selection of weird and odd news items from this week's media. [Image Pexels]
A selection of weird and odd news items from this week's media. [Image Pexels]

An art thief, a nasty woman, a toddler, a message in a bottle and an odd road rage incident hit the headlines this week.

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5 examples of odd news for the week

Among the usual headlines of Brexit, US President Donald Trump and more, some other more unusual news is hiding.

A thief strolls out of an art gallery with a painting, a woman is removed from a flight for fat-shaming, a toddler gets stuck in his toy, a woman gets back her message in a bottle after 17 years and a 65-year-old man clings to the bonnet of a speeding car in a road rage incident, all caught on video footage or images.


Russian art thief casually takes painting from art gallery

The incident happened on Sunday at the busy Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow, Russia. CCTV footage caught footage of the man casually strolling up to a painting worth $182,000 (£139,000), taking it off the wall and strolling slowly out of the gallery as visitors look on. Because of his relaxed attitude, everyone assumed that he worked there. Moscow Police later identified the suspect, arrested him and recovered the painting, a mountain scene in Crimea painted by Russian artist Arkhip Kuindzhi.


Woman removed from United Airlines flight over fat-shaming

This incident happened on New Year’s Day but the video footage has only now gone viral. It happened prior to takeoff on a United Airlines flight. Norma Rodgers was seated next to a woman in the centre seat, who was chatting on her mobile phone. She was complaining that she was stuck between two fat people. Rodgers asked the flight crew to find the passenger another seat as she did not want to be verbally abused by the “bitch.” After an uproar, the offending passenger was removed from the flight.

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