Princess Diana’s cream-coloured Ralph Lauren sweatshirt is emblazoned with the word “USA” and was given to the chief stewardess on the yacht belonging to Dodi Fayed’s family. Deborah Gribble (now Wood) was given the shirt on the night before the former Princess of Wales and her boyfriend died in a car crash on 31 August 1997 after enjoying a cruise along the Italian Riviera.

As reported by the Daily Mail, the sweatshirt also has “RLSPORTS” printed on the back and is up for auction by RR Auction shortly before the anniversary of Diana's death and is expected to sell for more than $10,000 (£7,752).

The history of Diana’s sweatshirt

Gribble was the chief stewardess on the yacht “Jonikal,” and travelled with Diana and Dodi from the yacht and into Paris. Fortunately for her, Deborah was not in the car when Diana and Fayed, along with their driver, Henri Paul died in the crash in a Paris tunnel.

Along with the sweatshirt, which she wore regularly on the yacht, there is an image of Diana wearing it, along with two photos of Gribble spending time with Princess Diana and Dodi. There is also a newspaper article included in the lot, speaking about Diana and Gribble.

Shortly before Diana’s death, Gribble spoke to Women’s Wear Daily.

She said Diana was looking forward to getting home. Diana was anticipating seeing her two boys [VIDEO], Prince William and Prince Harry [VIDEO], and going to the gym, something she did on a regular basis. The Princess also preferred eating at the normal British time of around 6 or 7 o’clock, rather than the European time of 10 o’clock.

Gribble went on to say that Diana was living a completely different lifestyle to that she was accustomed to.

All the luxuries for Diana and Dodi

Deborah also spoke about how Diana and Dodi enjoyed champagne and caviar during the cruise and said that Diana enjoyed swimming in the sea around Mohammed Al-Fayed’s luxury 200ft yacht.

She said she worked closely with Diana and Dodi, serving all their daily needs and requirements on the cruise. Gribble went on to say she received the Ralph Lauren sweatshirt in person from Diana shortly before they left Sardinia to travel to Paris. It was given to her as a thank you for her services and said it was a great privilege to her. Gribble has now owned the sweatshirt for 21 years but is selling it on auction.

The Huffington Post reported that Princess Diana had a large collection of sweatshirts, likely due to her fondness for going to the gym and working out and was often photographed wearing them in public.