After baby spiders were discovered abandoned in a Derbyshire car park, their parents – two Brazilian bird-eating tarantulas the size of dinner plates – could have escaped in the village. The spiders are considered to be the largest of their kind, with a leg span that can reach 25 cm (almost 10 in). Their fangs can inject poisonous venom into their prey or unlucky humans.

The baby tarantulas were found after a vehicle knocked over glass jars on the side of the car park at a Derbyshire stable in Birchwood Lane in Somercotes. According to the RSPCA, two adult spiders have likely escaped, as they had abandoned their babies.

The RSPCA warned the public not to attempt to handle the tarantulas if they come across them, which are believed to be salmon pink Brazilian bird-eating spiders.

Woman shocked when she realized the jars contained spiders

The Daily Mail quotes Kristy Ludlam, an inspector with the RSPCA who was at the scene, as saying the woman who found the abandoned jars was “understandably” shaken, as she is scared of spiders. Ludlam said it looks like a driver had run over two of the pots and one other driver said he thought he had seen two larger spiders on the loose. As no bodies were discovered, Ludlam assumes the parents may have abandoned the babies and run off.

Ludlam added that they collected the jars and took them to a specialist.

He found three baby spiders in the jars which he thinks are Brazilian bird-eating tarantulas. Apparently, when the specialist opened one of the jars, a baby spider ran up his arm. According to Ludlam, if the jars had not been discovered, the babies would have died.

The specialist is now reportedly keeping the pots secure and warm in case more eggs hatch.

In the wild, tarantulas live in a humid and warm environment and the same environment is necessary while in captivity for them to survive and stay healthy.

Abandoning spiders in the wild is illegal

Under the Wildlife and Countryside Act of 1981, it is illegal to release non-native spiders into the wild. If the identification is correct and the spiders are bird-eating tarantulas, they are believed to be the largest species of their kind in the world.

They are normally found in the forest areas of northeastern Brazil.

As noted by, the species of tarantula is black, but once they are mature, they grow pinkish red hairs on their legs, abdomen and pincers. The spiders are known to be popular as pets due to their large bodies and are thought to be docile. However, the arachnids have a venomous bite that can cause severe pain. Their normal diet consists of a mixture of lizards, insects, mice and small birds.