Whenever Vijay Mallya the Indian fugitive businessman would appear in the Queen's Court during extradition proceedings, people noted that he was always accompanied by a young girl. It is now known that this girl is Pinki Lalwani who is an ex-Air Hostess of Vijay Mallya's defunct Kingfisher Airlines. The Times of India has reported that the duo had just celebrated three years of "togetherness" recently and are expecting it to tie the Knot.

Mallya and Pinki

Mallya 62 selected Pinky 39 in 2011 as an air hostess for his airline Kingfisher Airlines. The man who is often referred to as the " king of good times" was attracted to her and the two have been in a relationship for the last three years.

The airline declared bankruptcy in 2012.

Swindling Indian banks

Mallya is accused of swindling Indian banks to the tune of rupees 12000 crores (131,13 GBP) and then escaping to London to avoid being put on trial for his offences. The Indian government has approached the British government to extradite the tycoon to face charges. He was arrested by Scotland yard and is currently out on bail.

During his days in India Mallya lived a flamboyant life and was always surrounded by beautiful women. His Kingfisher Airlines calendar of bikini-clad women is extremely popular. Mallya has been married twice earlier and has three children from both the marriages. He is presently married to Rekha Mallya, who he has not divorced.

It will be interesting to see how Mallya manages marries Pinki without divorcing Rekha.

The BJP government headed by Narendra Modi is under fire in India for allowing the businessman to escape from Delhi. It is possible that Mallya, who is a member of parliament was tipped off by someone from inside the government. PM Narendra Modi brought this topic up with Theresa May during her visit to Delhi in 2016.


Mallya does not appear to be bothered about the extradition proceedings or the charges against him. He is now eagerly looking forward to marrying Pinky who is over three decades younger than him. He seems to be pretty confident that he will not be extradited to India but he does have a point when he says that the banks are already recovered 6000 crores by selling his properties in India and the remaining amount is grossly exaggerated.

He claims that the debts piled up due to bad business deals. He also does not expect a fair trial in India.

Last word

Not much is known about Pinki except that she is an attractive Sindhi girl. Mallya who has the credit for being a connoisseur of everything beautiful cannot be faulted for his choice.