THERESA MAY has exclusively revealed that the government has new evidence that supports Russian involvement in the Sergei Skripal poisoning. The former Russian spy was poisoned in Salisbury using a nerve agent called Novichok, it is supposedly 8 times deadlier than VX, which was used to assassinate Kim Jong-Un’s brother. Although, the validity of the claims is being questioned, the PM insists that Britain must take a strong stance to create a stable democracy.

Mrs May said, “it is important, as I have always said, that we must gather intelligence and evidence before wildly throwing accusations at anyone. It would be dangerous to even consider making claims that later prove to be unsubstantiated”.

New evidence

There have been multiple sources and without compromising national security Theresa May was able to reveal that there are links between Sergei Skripal and the secluded Russian villageof Meerkovo. According to the latest intelligence, he was in regular contact with another former spy, Maiya, who is now a school teacher. Furthermore, head of IT at Compare the Meerkat, Sergei, worked as the Head of Principle Design for the Soviet Space Programme in the 1970s and 80s.

It has been alleged that Mr Skripal had been sharing intelligence with Maiya that would have compromised Putin’s presidential campaign, with both favouring the potential that Aleksandr Orlov would then run for the presidency.

Maiya said:

“Sergei [Skripal] and I has been in regular contact and he was concerned over his motherland. He wanted to gather substantial evidence and brings it to the internationals community.”

Maiya is reportedly working with the Security Services to help build a picture of what he may have been poisoned over and there is damning evidence that directly links the Kremlin to the attempted murder.

A note was sent to Maiya, which told her to deal with Mr Skripal or we will.

Theresa May has stated:

“we must act with strength and decisiveness. That is why I am going to put a vote to parliament, whether we send in the troops or perhaps a more nuanced approach, such as bombing”.

Russia is the baddies!

The Kremlin have responded by claiming the UK contacted Maiya to stage an assassination attempt on Skripal and blame Russia the Russian Embassy said, “We know it was the UK government, yet many people will believe the press because they are idiots”.

UK defence minister, Gavin Williamson, responded to the embassy by announcing in his speech at the Policy Exchange, “I know you are but what am I?” he continued “The mini Beast from the East is merely a Russian ploy to disrupt Britain!”