It’s been a while since Britney released any music with her last Album in 2016 but the artist in her has transferred her creative talents to the pursuit of painting. She has, of course, had a great music career which made her rich to the tune of being worth $200 million dollars today. She has received several awards including the distinction of being one of the best selling recording artists of all time and far from the Britney of her musical days, she now portrays a calm and subdued nature aesthetically captured in a shot of her working on her own expression of art.

What’s even more impressive is the fact that Britney’s latest quest of art has resulted in her creating a painting that fetched her $10,000 at a charity auction last November. Pretty cool for an aspiring artist but then again, whatever Britney touches turns to gold.

The Princes of Pop Has Replaced the Mike for an Artists Brush

The 35 year old princess of Pop isn’t a stranger to making money. It seems however, that she is now done with the music industry and hasn’t released any notable album in 2 years since her last one titled “Glory” in 2016. A mother of two, Britney has never been a stranger to controversy but leaving music to turn to painting has instigated a conflict of opinion many fans have to deal with and get used to seeing their favorite star holding a palette brushing subtle strokes on a canvas rather than gyrating with a mike in hand.

A Changed Britney photographed painting in her California mansion

Britney was recently hot news when she posted photographs of herself painting in the gardens of her $8.9 million Californian mansion. The video portrays a tranquil and calmer Britney in comparison to the one her fans are used to seeing on Instagram and social media.

Till now her Instagram was filled with her own dance videos showing off her toned and beautiful body which shows how she has kept in shape all these years.

She seems completely immersed in her painting and doesn’t respond or notice the camera as it pans across various angles. The photo-shoot also reveals the masterpiece she created that sold for $10,000.

Britney who has a huge fan following on Instagram (18 million followers) posted the video on the social media platform captioning it “sometimes you just gotta play!!!!”.

Britney’s gold fingers

Britney’s painting received mixed opinion online. While her impressionist style of flowers crisscrossed by lines was not considered art by some, others instead loved it. One fan in particular who happened to be TV presenter Robin Leach was so impressed by her creation that he purchased the artwork from her for a staggering $10,000.

This recalls to mind how the umbrella that she had used to attack paparazzi in 2007 was auctioned for $100,000 so that says a lot about her gold fingers.

A beautiful deed: Britney donates to charity

If you thought that Spears lacks money and has taken to painting to earn some big bucks, then think again.

Britney has gone on to donate her paintings to a charity auction in aid of the victims of the Las Vegas Shooting which took place on the ill-fated night of 1st October 2017 killing 58 people and injuring 546.

Spears released a video message saying “The flowers in my painting represent a new beginning, and it’s in that spirit that we move forward. All the proceeds from the winning bid go to Vegas Cares Memorial Fund. I appreciate your kindness and your generosity — I love you Vegas.”

Fans commended her on her latest venture and encouraged her with comments saying “Great job Brit!” If Britney has found a new passion and wants to express herself through art, she should do so. Perhaps we may yet see some brilliant examples of Britney art in the near future.