Google Ventures can't wait and is planning to open a new European branch for investing in new ideas. Actually, the initial fund is $100 million and open a way to the best ideas that start up could offer. This Google action will be supported from four general partners. The American partner Siegler, the same company that follows Google Ventures in USA, will have the role to coordinate all initial operation to open, manage and establish the new Google reality in the United Kingdom. But its role is only temporary and then another partner is going to take the place for a full-time partnership to develop the new business. The fund was initially born with $50 million but now the final destination should be $300 million, a good opportunity for the European startups that actually "can't fire their rockets".

A new experience with a historical company that transformed internet to the modern web and with its support, all best ideas can believe reality.

The new Google Ventures' office will be located in Clerkenwell, near the local East London Tech City, but the operations will be in action for all Europe, in all stages and in all sectors. A huge news: the Google London's fund will be, probably, a co-investing with Index, Accel and Balderton, for a total of currently disposal of 100 more million dollars, only for Europe. Before the beginning of this great operation, Google was completely concentrated to investing only in the USA, with headquarter in Mountain View and with its offices in San Francisco, Boston and New York, but now it's time to get off in Europe too.

In fact, actually Europe is an untouched frontier with big potential and vision, and with many people searching a big partner to develop their ideas. Google Ventures was born on 2009 and actually have different type of venture fund, but start up need not only money to building their business. They need different resources as engineering support, design expertise, and guidance with recruiting, marketing and product management. Now, Google Ventures supports many company: for example, SynapDx is developing a blood test for the early detection of Autism in children.