It's called Social Media Terrorism: the new frontier where social networks have a principal role. The strategies of protagonists involved in the various conflicts in the world, move across the Internet.  For example, the Israel Defence Force's official Twitter account, @IDFSpokesperson, was hacked and issued a fake alert: "#WARNING: possible nuclear leak after 2 rockets hit Dimona nuclear facility".

Cyberwar is real and has an important role in the life of each person. Actually, all social networks must absolutely increase the protection of their security systems to avoid any type of shadows, hidden behind propaganda and disinformation, causing a serious drop of stock index too.

This is only the beginning and the real target of terrorists could be to scare each population of the world with nuclear alert that would probably frighten all. In the last years there were many critical concepts about privacy in the digital world, but with the new development in the Middle East, an efficient digital surveillance system should exist to prevent dangerous action from any form of terrorism.

Technology for defence

The last one is an app for Smartphone called Red Alert-Yo! with a push notification to warn that a rocket has been launched in Israel. For example, on 9th July 2014, a rocket fired to Moatza Ezorit Shaar Hanegev and the push notification arrived on all smartphones which had the Red Alert-Yo!' app installed.

The announcement received several comments like "Praying for all!".

Or like a new SOS app that received 60.000 downloads, after three Israeli teenagers were kidnapped and killed near Hebron, in Cisgiordania: this new app allows to locate the GPS of the smartphone where it is installed. A new security method which is very useful in different situations: accidents or emergency calls from elderly people, only with a little touch of a finger. A strong example of how technology can be very useful and this is very important for the internal well-being of each person, for the future and destiny of humanity.