Kansas City, MO — When most people go for a haircut the last thing they expect is to be shot by the stylist. However, this is exactly what happened to one man who accompanied his friend for a haircut at Troost Avenue's Diamond Cuts Barber Shop 7 PM on June 30. The victim reports that as his friend sat in the barber's chair for his haircut the hairstylist, 31-year-old Sabriah Brewster of Grandview, MO, pulled a gun, opened fire in his direction shooting him five times. The victim and his friend fled the scene. Once they had escaped the victim was treated for multiple gunshot wounds at Research Medical Center, a hospital on Kansas City's Meyer Boulevard.

A senseless act of violence? Why was the victim shot?

The motive for the shooting remains unknown as the victim stated he had no prior dealings with Brewster, nor had he made her acquaintance. This left the victim puzzled by his circumstance as he told police that he had no idea why he had been fired on. The victim did inform police that he had a gun in his pocket while he was in the shop but that he had kept it hidden under his shirt. Missouri is a conceal and carry gun law state so assuming the victim had proper permits, the barber shop did not exclude firearms from their building, and the victim was not displaying his gun in a threatening manner then carrying a gun would be within his rights.

Hairstylist in police custody

When the Kansas City Police responded to the shooting they found Diamond Cuts Barber Shop to be in a state of bloody disarray with hairstylists exiting the building next door. Patrol officers on the scene were asked to record the names and phone numbers of each of the Diamond Cuts' hairstylists who were there.

Among those hairstylists interviewed was Sabriah Brewster who had not fled the scene of the crime. As the police officers interviewed Ms Brewster she attempted to give them two false names, as well as a fake date of birth and social security number. However, the police became wise to Ms Brewster as she couldn't escape her own lies: first she told police her name was "Stacy" but wasn't able to spell it, then she told police that her name was "Brittany," but she could not spell that name either.

This led to her true name being revealed and police deduced that she was the one described by the victim during their interview at the hospital. Ms Brewster was taken into custody and charged with assault first degree and armed criminal action. Bond has been set at $100,000.