A Russian man jailed in the Kremlin says he has proof he was ordered to hack the Democratic National Convention to interfere with the US elections. Donald Trump said he believes Vladimir Putin when he says the Kremlin did not interfere in the US election and has consistently denied any collusion with Russian interference. This latest acknowledgement, however, by a Russian citizen who said he was directed to hack the DNC is raising more questions about Russian interference.

An admission of complicity

Konstantin Kozlovsky, gave an interview to the RAIN television channel in which he provided details of an alleged hacking exercise directed by FSB - the Russian Intelligence Agency.

According to Kozlovsky he developed computer viruses that were tested initially on Russian companies and then on multinational operations. In August, the self-declared 'hacker' testified in a Russian courtroom to hacking the DNC computers at the direction of the Russian Intelligence Agency. He also claimed that for seven years he followed the direction of Gen. Dmitry Dokuchayev to access the DNC servers in a effort to interfere with the US elections. There is a warrant issued by a US federal court for the arrest of Dokuchayey for his part in the alleged security breach. He is also on the FBI's wanted list for his role in directing hackers.

Proof of hacking activities

Kozlovsky was sentenced in Russia to prison for his alleged part in a hacking group accused of a $50 million dollar bank scam.

Gen Dokuchayev was arrested in Russia on treason charges in late 2016. While both alleged hackers of the DNC were arrested in Russia under charges not related to the Democratic National Convention incident, Kozlovysky has not been shy in declaring his role in interfering in the US elections. He says he has proof of his hacking activities and all anyone has to do is follow the digital signatures.

He said he planted a poison pill during his infiltration of the DNC by posting his Russian passport number and visa number in a hidden data file because he feared the ones he took his orders from could turn on him.

Russia sanctioned for hacking

Following an investigation by the FBI and the US Department of Homeland Security on Russian hacking of the Democratic National Convention during the 2016 Elections, Barack Obama introduced sanctions against Russia.

The report found that Russian Intelligence Agency was involved in an ongoing cyber campaign targeting the US government and its people. Technical indicators related to the hacking operations and recommendations to halt and prevent the breach were documented in the report.