Zimbabweans awoke to an unusual broadcast from their national television station this morning.

ZBC announcement by Military

The broadcaster, usually reserved as a mouthpiece for the Mugabe regime, today presented Major General SB Moyo reading a statement confirming Military activity and the securement of the Mugabe family in their home.

Could this be a Guardian Coup?

There have been rising tensions in the state since the Vice President Emerson Mnangagwa was accused of fraud, theft and even witchcraft prior to his dismissal from cabinet recently.

His dismissal indicated a disregard for the concerns former war veterans had expressed about the financial situation in the country and the jostling for power by Grace Mugabe and her supporters.

There were several explosions and shots heard last night which were explained away by General Constantino Chimengwa this morning in a press conference as being necessary in order to "secure" President Mugabe.

There are a number of former Grace Mugabe supporters being sought by the Military who have already claimed to have several in custody. Amongst these are the Youth League leader who had previously denounced Mnangagwa and the General as being thieves.

In an event already dubbed NIGHT OF LONG KNIVES on Zimbabwean social media, a list of those arrested so far includes Chombo, Moyo, Kasukuwere, Zhuwawo and those on the run as Phillip Chyangwa and Chimedza.

Mzembi is currently in Zambia and refusing to rerun to Zimbabwe. Jonathan Moyo sought assistance from the US Embassy but was arrested outside the embassy.

What next?

News 24 South Africa have reported that several journalists were assaulted in Harare by the military this morning and that the airport has been sealed off. There has been no official comment on the sealing off of the airport.

Meanwhile, South Africa's President Zuma has expressed concern about the possibility of "unconstitutional developments" in Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe is a large importer of South African goods and South Africa is already home to millions of refugees from the neighbouring nation. Instability could open the floodgates to more.

According to Eye Witness News, South Africa, there has been a statement from the Zimbabwean War Veterans to the effect that the Zimbabwean military has averted the state from "careening off a cliff "through their intervention.

What is clear, is that Grace Mugabe's attempt to become the next president of Zimbabwe has been thoroughly thwarted.