clinton Pryor, a 27 year old man from the Wajuk, Balardung, Kija and Yulparitja peoples of Western Australia has been on a long walk. His epic journey beginning in Matargarup near Perth and going through the harsh deserts of Central Australia in blistering heat to the Northern Territory and the red center to Uluru, then reaching the windy coastline of South Australia. Now after many months he has arrived in the damp, cold winter of the city of Melbourne.

He is tough and continues to walk

After setting out in September last year he has trekked an astonishing 4800km so far.

Clinton is walking for justice, and for a treaty for Indigenous people. He has become an inspiration to many and been nicknamed the Spirit Walker. Along the way he has nearly ran out of water, had a severe infection in his knee and gone through three phones and five pairs of shoes! Yet, he is tough, and despite the challenges he continues to walk with his carved staff in his hand to support him, starting early each morning and continuing on until around 8pm each night, only stopping for meals.

Walking for Awareness

He walks for a important cause, to bring attention to the injustice many of his people endure, especially poverty, which could become worse if remote communities are forced to close, which is currently happening in Australia.

Indigenous people have always lived in communities and without it they are without connection to their culture and homelessness and poverty will worsen. As a young Indigenous man he feels it is his duty to raise awareness of these issues and Aboriginal rights.

Gathering Together on Wurundgjeri Land

Tuesday, 6th of June 2017 at 5.30pm on Wurundgjeri land, in Naarm (Melbourne) many supporters gathered at Parliament gardens walking together to the iconic Flinders Street Station for a peaceful march and a press conference to support Clinton Pryor's walk for Justice.

Along with the Warriors of Aboriginal Resistance, who together are bringing awareness to many issues which are facing Indigenous Australians.

These issues include the forced closure of remote Indigenous communities, homelessness and poverty, high rates of Indigenous people incarcerated, Indigenous suicide and the growing movement for a treaty between traditional land owners and the government.

Clinton Pryor also has a strong message of connecting and respecting all people together who live in Australia.

A great number of people gathered to hear this message out the front of Parliament house in Melbourne, waving banners and the Aboriginal flag, as a peaceful way to show their support. Clinton said about his people; "We know this land very well, we have been living off it for thousands of years. We know very well how this land and environment works. It's time you fellas listen to us. It doesn't just effect our people...every person suffers as well as the wildlife. Our elders should be given back control of communities."

Perambulate onto Australia's Capital

Clinton and his grassroots walk for justice team are headed next up the East Coast to Sydney and then onto Australia's political capital Canberra.

When he arrives in Canberra he will deliver a potent message of sovereignty and rights for first nation peoples on behalf of Indigenous people. Clinton and his team will most likely reach the capital in 3 or 4 months, once he arrives he hopes to talk with Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and the Attorney-General, and deliver the many integral messages he has received from communities along the way.

He also wants to discuss with politicians the importance of respecting this beautiful land and the imminent ecological threats we face - especially due to mining. "I see the land and animal, I see this world in a different way. It's like Star Wars like the Force. But I get my strength from the land.

It very hard to explain sometime. The land gives me strength and I give her the love and care for what she need from me by looking after her and trying to protect her from this mining company. My people we believe that when we die we come back and be a part of the tree, animal, rock, river, the air and the land itself. That why I very connected to the land because I know that those who pass on before me are always with me and around me. The great energy of life," he stated. Currently one of the great wonders of the natural world Great Barrier Reef is dying and mass species extinction of native flora and fauna in Australia is happening at an alarming rate. This message he brings is very relevant.

A Role Model

Along the long journey, Clinton has been stopping at Aboriginal communities meeting with elders from different nations and hearing their voice. He also stops in at community centers and schools and he has become a welcome Role Model for young Indigenous Australians, spreading a positive message of respecting land, elders, and not taking drugs or drinking, and preserving and celebrating culture. He has had a growing support team of dedicated volunteers which have been following Clinton's journey in their cars, one which is a white sedan covered in signatures of supporters. He is becoming an inspiration to people all across the world and has thousands of followers on social media. He said "I am doing this walk for our people, for myself and also for my mum."