A gay man who is a member of the clergy of the Anglican Church in Wales has accused his congregation of so-called "homophobia," a term that describes hate and discrimination against LGBT people. The accusations were raised after the clergyman was rejected as a bishop in Wales. Reverend Doctor Jeffrey John was, against his expectations, not chosen as the Bishop of Llandaff earlier in 2017. Another member of the Welsh clergy said it would be "too much of a headache" to appoint Reverend John, without providing the public an explanation of what could be the cause of this "headache".

The Church has such officially denied Reverend John's accusations. Doctor John told the press he had been informed appointing him would be an issue as he is living in a so called "civil partnership,, however in a celibate way, in line with the rules of the church.

A difficult issue?

It is understood that Reverend John won a broad majority of the votes, but not a two-thirds majority which is regarded as a requirement. Doctor John stressed that he had been confronted with homophobic remarks at the electoral college assembly. What troubles the Reverend, is that his qualification would have been never an issue, only his civil partnership who was used as an argument against his appointment - in particular by two Bishops whose names he has not disclosed yet.

What's the problem?

Reverend John said a Bishop called to inform him they were "just too exhausted" to deal with the "problem" of his homosexuality. It is an interesting fact indeed, to label homosexuality as a "problem" in the year 2017. The appointment of a new Bishop will now be made by the other Bishops in confidentiality.

However, they deny any allegations of homophobia. Doctor John, despite having entered a civil partnership eleven years ago remained celibate, fully in line with the rules of his Church. The Reverend is also is a supporter of same-sex marriage, promoting full equality of gay couples. He believes gay marriage is in line with God's will and so the Church should have no problem with this topic.

A couple of more conservative Anglican clergymen warned they would split from the communion if Reverend John should be promoted further.

Other church invites Doctor John!

"We've never had and will never have any anti-gay sentiments", Archbishop Jemima of one of the world's largest online-churches told the Conservative News Agency. She was speaking in the name of her protestant Christian Universal Life Church, a liberal congregation which has one million members worldwide with home churches in more than seventy countries. Archbishop Jemima invited Doctor John to become an honorary member of the clergy of this church. "We are currently working on establishing a clerical online-procedure to bless individual gay couples in countries where LGBT people are confronted with any kind of discrimination.

A highly esteemed man like Doctor John would be a blessing for us", the Archbishop told the reporters. "He shouldn't waste his precious time with old men who do not understand that times and traditions have changed".