New Cctv images released to the public show that the British tourist who according to Australian police was held captive for two months and “raped four times” by her ex-boyfriend was saved by a petrol station owner who alerted police.

On Sunday, the woman entered the petrol station after filling up her SUV. By all accounts she was shaking uncontrollably, crying, and had severe bruising on her face and neck. She told the owner of the petrol station that she could not pay for the fuel.

The owner tipped off the police and she was stopped a little while later near Mitchell in Queensland.

The petrol station owner, who wants to be known as Donna, told the Daily Mail, “She was in a state of shock when she came in, almost zombie like. Then she walked in, wearing a black summer dress and said she couldn't pay for the fuel. Tears were running down her face.

“But what struck me were her black eyes. She looked bad. She was nervous and shaking and I thought her behaviour was because she couldn't pay for the fuel. She was like a person in a trance.

“I asked her if her black eyes were due to her ex-boyfriend and she nodded. I was very concerned about her.”

Donna went on to say that she was told she could not pay for the fuel as her ex – boyfriend had all of her credit cards and cash. Donna said that if she could not pay the police would be called.

At this point, she left and drove away.

When Donna followed the woman she saw police officers at the end of the street and told them what happened.

Ex – boyfriend hidden in car

When the police pulled over the SUV they found her ex – boyfriend hidden in a special purpose-built compartment. It is believed that during her two-month ordeal she would have been held captive in this part of the vehicle.

Investigators originally said that the pair had met at an outdoor dance in Cairns, and agreed to go on a road trip together. At the court hearing in Roma, it transpired she was held against her will from the 2nd January until the 5th March.

Her ex-boyfriend is believed to have damaged her passport so she could not leave the country.

Police investigation

So far her abductor has been charged with four counts of rape, eight counts of assaults, two counts of deprivation of liberty, and four counts of strangulation. He is also facing drug charges. The investigation is ongoing.