The parents of Madeleine McCann have lost their libel case appeal against a former Portuguese detective. As we explore this subject matter, certain questions have to be asked. Not only why was the libel case launched but is what the detective stated, true?

The facts

The daughter of Kate and Gerry McCann, Madeleine, went missing from her family's holiday apartment in Praia da Luz, Portugal, on the 3rd May 2007, as stated in the Guardian newspaper. However, despite being obviously distraught at what had happened, it was going to get worse. Goncalo Amaral was a former police officer who led the initial hunt for the then three year old Madeleine ten years ago according to the Sun newspaper.

However, in July 2008 Amaral released a book called 'The Truth of the Lie'. Inside the book Amaral claims that Madeleine had in fact died in their holiday flat and that he parents had "faked the abduction" to cover up the tragedy.

Why was the libel case launched?

In answering the first question, the McCann's claimed that the book was "hurtful" and were left "devastated and crushed" by Amaral's allegations. As a result of the claims, the Telegraph newspaper reported that Kate McCann "considered suicide" after the book was published. Furthermore, the newspaper reports that Mrs. McCann spent days "weeping" after the book was published. They were distraught at the allegations that were made.

Was it true what was stated?

So the next question to ask is, was what the detective stated, true? In looking back, there does seem to be some prior discontent and bitterness by Amaral towards Kate and Gerry McCann as well as the British police force. As reported in the Telegraph, Amaral accused the British detectives of "only chasing leads" that the McCann parents want followed up.

In addition, the forty-seven year old accused the McCann's of "creating and working" on lines of inquiry which they then passed onto Leicestershire Police to investigate. In addition, whether as a result of his outbursts or some other factors, Amaral was dismissed from his position as national director of the Judicial Police.

In addition, a court ruling in 2010 found that there was "no evidence" that what Amaral claimed, was true, according to the Daily Mail newspaper.


In summing up, it seems ludicrous that the McCann parents would do that to their own child. The fact that they are still campaigning to finding her shows that this was no cover-up. It seems that there is bad blood on the part of the former detective and that has clouded his judgment. It is immensely sad that they have lost their libel case appeal. It can only harm the McCann's reputation what Amaral has said and that is not fair.