Islamic State claims responsibility for bombing in pakistan: - Islamic extremist kills 75. An Islamic State extremist killed himself and 75 Sufi when he detonated his bomb in the main hall of a popular shrine in the southern Sindi province of Pakistan. The death toll has risen since the fatal explosion to 88 according to the Washington Post and Chicago Tribune. Pakistan officials have reacted to the killings by closing the Torkham border crossing to Afghanistan and firing a 'massive' amount of rounds across the border. There is growing concern within Pakistan that militant Pakistani militant extremists are being nurtured in Afghanistan.

Many people feel the government is not doing enough to clamp down on militant extremists. Officials launched a massive operation against known hideouts and a number of people have been killed in the raids.

Islamic extremists - Pakistan demands extradition from Afgans

Pakistan have also presented the Afghan Government with a list of 76 known extremists they claim are being protected by Afghanistan and are demanding their extradition immediately. The Sehwan shrine is well known and visited by Muslims of all sects but is especially sacred to the Shiite who are currently being targeted by Islamic extremists. The Islamic State accuse the Shiite minority of idolatry.

Extremists within Pakistan have been arrested

Reports vary on the number of extremists arrested within Pakistan on Friday. An early report in the Chicago Tribune mentioned that at least 11 people were killed during the arrests and that over 100 people have been taken into custody. There is an angry backlash from people in Pakistan who claim their government is not doing enough to protect them, despite numerous regular raids on Islamic extremist hideouts along the border with Afghanistan.

The President of Afghanistan, President Ashraf Ghani has condemned the bombing, indicating that the Islamic State has no "respect for Islamic values."

The families and friends of the dead and over 300 wounded want more than lip service and platitudes. A number of people staged a protest, burning a police car and demanding more action. It has been suggested that the government needs to investigate and stop the funding of "radical religious schools" operating within Pakistan as one of the first steps.