In a major security breach in Afghanistan, an explosion in the US largest military base led to the killing of four people with 14 other people injured. NATO said that the Taliban had claimed responsibility for this terrorist attack. The heavily guarded Bagram Airfield, in the North of Kabul, witnessed an explosion early morning. The Taliban has decided to increase attacks on NATO forces before the winter's onset in Afghanistan.

The Casualties at the US largest military base in Afghanistan

While the nationality of the people killed or injured is still not known after the blast, the security situation in the war-torn country has grown worse.

It is almost two years since NATO ended its combat operations in Afghanistan. In its statement, NATO said that an explosive device was detonated at Bagram Airfield causing multiple casualties. At this time four people are reported dead with fourteen others injured. The security forces and paramedics are at the site of the incident to do the required.

The Blast at NATO Airfield

The spokesperson of the Parwan province said that the explosion was caused by a suicide bomber who triggered the blast near the dining area at the Airfield. While the identity of the suicide bomber has still not known, it is suspected that the suicide bomber was an Afghan worker, working at the Airfield. The District Governor of Bagram said in his statement that the explosion took place at 0100 GMT, and was a powerful one with tremors felt across the area.

John Nichloson, the NATO Commander in Afghanistan, said: "For the family and friends of those wounded in the attack, let me assure you they are receiving the best possible care and we will keep them in our thoughts today." On the other hand, the Taliban spokesman claiming responsibility of the blast said that massive casualties are incurred by the "US invaders."

Although the Bagram Airfield has frequently being attacked by the Taliban in the recent past this latest development will cause a lot of headaches for the newly elected US President Donald Trump