Fukuoka disaster fixed in just a glimpse

According to STV news, in just 48 hours, Japanese people have managed to fix a major natural disaster in the city centre in one of the busiest roads in Fukuoka, after a sinkhole appeared, swallowing one part of the road. The sinkhole was measured nearly to the size of an "Olympic swimming pool" according to the Guardian and although no incidents or injuries were reported during the event, it had threatened to fall on the buildings which were surrounding it. A week later, once all the appropriate safety measurements were implemented , the street has reopened, as if nothing ever happened...

including a sincere apology to Japanese people for the inconvenience.

Different event, same city,similar outcome

Back in March 2011, another deadly cataclysm has hit Japan, one of the biggest earthquakes remembered in history- the earthquake of the Pacific Coast of Tōhoku. It has been estimated that around 230,000 people were injured, dead or never found and numerous of other families were left completely homeless.

In Naka, the Great Kanto Highway which has suffered majorly during the #earthquake, the speedy repair process has lasted 6 days! It is fascinating during this disastrous event the power of will, progress and determination of people to rebuild and regain what they had lost.

Our actions bring the nation together during tough times!

In the traditional style of the Eastern culture it is common to react immediately during these types of events, no matter the consequences. Japanese nation is known to be extremely productive, well-disciplined, efficient and above all patriotic. Therefore, every nation no matter of demographic, religion, culture or status should take a leaf out of this "Japanese" book and this lesson of an enormous speedy recovery and proactive progress should be taken in consideration.

Coming from a country which has suffered two wars and one major bombing, where the are still ruins, damaged buildings and wrecked roads present even to this day, it is extremely impressive to hear and read about what Japan did for their people by their people.