On Wednesday when she alongside her male spouse murdered 14 persons and hurt 21 people in the Californian district of San Bernardino, a lady demonstrated her loyalty towards the Islamic State in her post on Facebook, officials stated on 4th November 2015, as the Federal Bureau of Intelligence made a proclamation that it was looking at the bloodbath as a terrorist attack.

“The investigation so far has developed indications of radicalization by the killers and of potential inspiration by the killers, and of potential aspiration by foreign terrorist organizations” an official of the FBI, James B.Corney told the media in Washington.

But he stated investigative officers were unable to gather evidence that the murderers were members of a terrorist cell or larger group. The couple was shot by the law enforcers on Wednesday.

In accordance to a spokesperson of the California-based company, a woman named Tafsheen Malik declared her loyalty towards the IS on the social network around the time of the crime incident on 2nd Nov, 2015., Assistant director of FBI heading office in Los Angeles addressed the media by stating he was familiar with the posted content, which was removed by the social media service provider, but he won’t elaborate.

The assault can prove to be a lethal IS assault on the US territory. Al Qaeda and other terrorist organizations have inspired or carried out fatal attacks in the US, but the IS, which is known for having its operations based in Iraq and Syria and killing 130 people in Paris last month, has become a leading terror threat with increasing influence across the globe.

What initiated as a response of the local police to the shooting in San Bernardino has become an international inquiry into the most deadly terrorist attack in the US since the 9/11 attacks, an investigation led by the FBI and extending from California to Pakistan and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It’s also the country’s worst massive gunfire in almost 36 months, since the carnage that took place at a primary school in Newtown, Conn.

Previously this year, the IS changed its strategy, and instead of making efforts to encourage fans to move to Syria to become members of the organization, it started the practice of asking supporters in the Western world to perform violent acts at home. The FBI has begun redeploying its resources on the terror threat of so-called local, self- radicalized fundamentalists who may have been motivated by the propaganda of IS.

Even prior to Paris carnage, the bureau was tracking at least 36 people who the regime feared may carry out violent attacks in the name of IS.

Syed Rizwan Farook and Ms. Malik’s exact motives are still unknown and officials of law enforcement agencies stated that the couple hadn’t been alleged of threatening the National security of the US. But after 2 days of claiming that a terrorist attack was amongst the many possibilities, the Bureau’s perspective regarding that prospect has become much sturdier on Friday. Officers pointed to proof such as the Facebook and their description of a bomb manufacturing workshop at the home of the couple, where they discovered a dozen of finished pipe bombs alongside a stock of many rounds of bullets.