Japans Shinjuku part of Tokyo is one of the busiest areas in Japan with the streets packed with bars and shops for as far the eye can see. Shinjuku itself is the tourist spot for all foreigners and Japanese who wish to know what's going down in Japan, and to help promote Japan and Shinjuku to the world. Recently, the city has offered the job to the most unlikely resident; Godzilla!

As of May 25th Godzilla is a resident of Shinjuku, Tokyo and he has the paperwork to prove it. Godzilla also attended his very own awards ceremony where he was awarded a sash and given the job title Tourism Ambassador by Mayor Kenichi Yoshizumi of Shinjuku.

Actually Godzilla has been living above the Shinjuku skyline since April 2015 where it is nearly impossible to miss the giant head peaking over the top of the Toho Cinema and Hotel building down at the busy Shinjuku streets below.

To celebrate Godzilla's residency, the Shinjuku local city government is giving away 3,000 copies of the giant monster's residency paperwork. The word office has said that they have backlogs of requests for the new resident which is keeping the city servants busy.

The Resident Card Reads;

Name: Godzilla

Date of birth: April 9th 1954 (The first release of the Godzilla movie).

Address: Tokyo, Shinjuku-ku, Kabukich-1-19-1

Date of Residency: April 9th 2015.

Occupation: Tourism Ambassador (To watch over the Shinjuku area and to attract more tourists).

Previous Ward Visits: Godzilla; 1984, Godzilla vs King Ghidorah; 1991, Godzilla 2000 Millennium; 1999.

The announcement of Shinjuku`s new resident has also taken Twitter and Facebook by storm with comments from Japanese's residents and foreigners flooding the internet with such messages;

Japanese Twitter User said "Welcome to Tokyo, we all forgive you for previously destroying the city".

US Resident in Japan "That awkward moment when a fictional monster easily gets a resident visa over an immigrant."

Another Japanese Twitter user remarked over the tensions with China; "Congrats, now you can help when China gets out of hand."

Also, the Facebook comments exploded with such comments as "Let's hope he doesn't go back to his old ways of going nuts and destroying Tokyo", and "He will go nuts when he gets his residents tax form next year!"

The company behind all the Godzilla movies has announced that they will release a new movie in 2016 after the success of the British directed 2014 Godzilla remake.