There has been an outpouring of help from around the world into Nepal after the first earthquake, and hundreds of charities are being setup to raise funds for emergency relief. The United States have 300 Americans at the site and the UK sent three RAF Chinook helicopters and humanitarian experts. Football star Cristiano Ronaldo donated £5 million to Save the Children's earthquake relief fund, and Facebook raised over £11 million as of last week through a contribution widget on the social network, going directly to the International Medical Corps.

There are also tourists who quickly became volunteers and intend to stay for as long as they're allowed. That's the case with Lourenço Santos, a London resident who was travelling through southeast Asia and landed in Kathmandu the day before the quake. "I was at the wrong place at the right time," he tells Blasting News, still shaken by the aftershock from yesterday. "This happened and we decided to stay and help." He and his group of friends set up a project to get food and essential products (like soap) to over 20,000 families, and they don't know when they're going to leave the country.

From the U.K., there are a number of charities people can contribute to in order to send more help, but the easiest way might be donating through the Disasters Emergency Committee, or, which brings together 13 UK-based charities for international crisis such as this.

It also encourages people to set up fundraisers on their behalf.

The government has also issued a statement warning people to donate only through registered charities, avoiding being scammed while trying to be generous.