A massive new storm disrupted life in a large portion of the United States on monday, with government agencies warning of more extreme winter weather in the coming days.

Frigid temperatures are the result of several fronts. In what has been an especially cold winter in the Northeast, the region battled its fourth snowstorm this year. Weather forecasters have warned that low temperatures could persist as long as two weeks.

The Midwest and Southeast have not been spared either, with a separate front resulting in freezing rain and accumulation of ice. The areas between Arkansas and Tennessee are particularly affected. Tennessee declared a state of emergency late monday as road conditions deteriorated rapidly.

Washington mayor Muriel Bowser, described the nation's capital as "dangerously cold", while warning that the city could receive as many as 8 more inches of snowfall. In view of the dangerous weather, all federal government offices will remain closed on tuesday.

Meteorologists have also warned against the accumulation of large amounts of ice in North Carolina, with Raleigh expected to see over half an inch of ice, rendering travel impossible. The ice accumulation may shut down the region's power system as well.

Boston might cross the 100 inch of snow mark, if the predicted 5 inches of snow does fall over in the coming week, in what has already been the snowiest february in the history of the city. Boston mayor Marty Walsh, has advised citizens to remain close to their homes, shortly after news of a man passing away due to a heart attack while he was shoveling snow.

This winter has been unusually cold, with snowfall records breaking in more than a dozen states from Oklahoma and Kansas to Virginia and North Carolina. Schools in many districts have been shut down as local government officials are unable to clear roads from snow and ice.

Flights across the region have also been disrupted. Southwest Airlines cancelled all flights to and from Nashville International Airport on monday, and only a small number of American Airlines and Delta flights departed from the airport. Weather forecasters warn that more flight delays, across the storm-hit parts of the country, should be expected.