Last Friday, suicide attacks against Shiite mosques in Sanaa killed more than 140 dead. Attacks that Daesh - Arabic acronym for the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant - immediately claimed. Yesterday, the jihadist splinter group claims to have struck elsewhere in the country, killing twenty-nine people.

It is on the social network Twitter that the IS announced the news on Monday, March 23: "the Lions of the Islamic State liquidated 29 apostates among members of the political police, the central security police of emergency and the army."

This attack would have been conducted last Friday. A local official of the security services reported that clashes had taken place in the province of Lahj, killing 29 people, including 27 part of the security forces. Obviously, gunmen have attacked the police premises first.

If Yemen was previously the site of the AQAP (Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula), it now appears that the IS interferes in the fighting. Would it be the objective of winning the total allegiance AQAP?

The American soldiers were forced to leave the country. Saturday, the State Department has indicated its willingness to evacuate all personnel. In case the current chaos in Yemen. Indeed, the threat of terrorist attacks are actually present, conflicts between Sunnis and Shiites are at a maximum, and finally Houthi Shiite militiamen tried to seize by force the whole Yemen, having achieved a coup in September. In short, Yemen is on the brink of "civil war", in the words of the UN envoy, Jamel Benomar.

This is a blow to Washington. Yemen was indeed a foothold in the region and a very important ally for the United States, mainly concerning the fight against Terrorism inflicted by al Qaeda.
American soldiers who were still present in Yemeni land ensured the collection of information to help facilitate drone strikes against al Qaeda. Yesterday was the turn of Great Britain to demand the return of the last members of the special forces there, because of the increased insecurity.