Autumn and Fall drizzle into the seasons nearly hand in hand. Where some are just beginning to start their summers, such as in South Africa and Australia, the majority of the world is being painted into a lovely canvas of oranges, reds, and browns. With the turning of the leaves, in comes the telltale signs of a much-needed holiday break. Traveling can be exactly what you, your family, or your spouse is looking for.

You need a break

Take a break from the mundane routines and cogwheel days of Work, work, work and venture to somewhere new, even if it's just for the weekend.

From a ferry to Calais to a jet hop over to Majorca, it can be a very easy and cost efficient trip. For those in the UK and Europe, dipping a toe onto foreign soil is only a few miles away compared to flying over entire oceans like in America. Where should you Vacation to recharge the batteries? Fancy a wine tasting in the French countryside? Or perhaps a little German feast to warm the soul as October beckons? It's a very simple jump onto the web to find the right and affordable vacation for you. Surprise your other half with a weekend away to a quaint bed and breakfast and you will surely get a proper thanks out of it. And you have the comforts and relaxation to enjoy as well. Or take advantage of the last summer rays and splurge to a tropical island for some tanning, booze, and 5-star quality tranquility.

Shake off the work-day blues

With the months of heavy coats and thermal clothing about to be dusted off, somewhere warm and bikini ready is exactly what most of you are interested in. Who wouldn't be? If you really want to get away, try the Bahamas for the ultimate Carribean experience. Try planning ahead for those trips when you have the time and cash to spend on a destination vacation, that way your bank account won't be bruised too badly afterward.

The British Virgin Islands are always a prime choice, as well as Mexico and Dominica - though the two latter are in rough shape currently following the natural disasters that have occurred over the last few weeks. Why not try out the Italian coast of Capri and Positano for a more European feel? Or the classic Saint Tropez swankiness that we all desire?

No matter where you choose, remember that a balance of work and play is key to a healthy and happy lifestyle. The grind and toll of the workaday can be draining and make life feel like a burden. Don't let it overtake the joys and pleasures that are supposed to come with life too. Most companies have paid vacation. Research it, plan it, and enjoy.