Copenhagen is a wonderful place to explore both with family and friends. Though it is not very big, it has many attractions and services to keep you amused and busy. If you are looking for some help to plan a holiday to Denmark's capital, Copenhagen, read further for some valuable tips.

A bus tour is an excellent way to explore this wonderful city. You can get to know the streets and sights in and out by traveling in a double decker bus. You may even take a 24-hour public transport ticket that is valid on bus, train, and metro throughout the city along with a harbour ferry ticket.

Take a boat tour to the inner city to enjoy the wonderful canals and harbours.

Take your kids to Amalienborg Palace. Every day, outside the Queen's residence, at 12h00, guards change. It is an impressive display of precision, control, and authority. Kids would love it and would never forget witnessing this scene. You can also take them on Parliament tour. A tour through Christiansborg Palace, next to the Parliament, and a walk through the Royal Reception Rooms where beautiful tapestries and wall paintings depict the history of Denmark should not be missed. Both kids and adults enjoy Parliament tour. It is entertaining, as well as educational for the whole family.

If you and your kids enjoy trekking, climb the Round Tower in the City Tower.

The views over the old town of the city are amazing. If you are brave enough, walk up the twisted dragon spire of Vor Frelsers Kirke.

Tivoli Amusement park is one such place that you would never forget. This world-famous amusement park has thrilling rides, unique atmosphere, and fairtytale setting. There are concerts, performances, exhibitions, rides, and restaurants all in one place.

Though Tivoli is open throughout the summer months, during Halloween and Christmas you can have extra fun and enjoyment. On both the occasions, there are special attractions in the park that promise unlimited fun and enjoyment to the visitors.

Spend a day at Copenhagen Zoo. Situated at the edge of the beautiful Frederiksberg gardens, the zoo has many wild animals, both big and small.

You can watch famous elephant house, polar bear, tigers, and a lot more. There is a special children's area in the zoo, where kids can interact with tamer animals and learn to look after them. You may also visit the Deer Park by Klampenborg station to quietly watch the park's deer strutting their stuff or you may take a stroll to enjoy the natural scenery in the park. The Deer Park is home to the world's oldest amusement park, Bakken.

There is lot more to see and do in Copenhagen. There are casinos, restaurants, and bars for those who are looking for exciting night life. Check them out to make the most of your visit to Copenhagen.