After the terrorist attacks in Manchester, Westminster, and London Bridge, another has been reported in Finsbury Park London. A van has ploughed into worshippers leaving the Finsbury Park mosque in the early hours of yesterday morning. The suspect was been detained by the public and is now in police custody.

The driver who crashed his van in a pedestrian lane near the mosque in Finsbury Park was revealed to be 47-year old Darren Osborne. The suspect is from Weston-Super-Mare in Somerset and is the father of four children. The incident left one man dead and 10 more people injured and in critical condition.

The Suspect

The suspect is described to be "a large, clean-shaven white man" and is known by locals. Darren Osborne used to live in the Weston-Super-Mare area but left ten years ago. He currently lives in Cardiff with his four children and his partner. He was detained by the public until police arrested him. Osborne was reported to have shouted: "I am going to kill all Muslims" before ramming the van into a group of worshippers which was helping an old man who has collapsed. Investigations ruled that the suspect has acted alone.

An act of Terrorism or Not?

The Finsbury Park Mosque lashed out of the media after the attack was not immediately labelled a "terrorist attack". The mosque handed over printed material stating they are unhappy with how the media swiftly labels attacks from Muslims as "terrorist attacks".

It is also demanded that the media needs to be fair in reporting news.

Security Countermeasure

The London police are said to be taking more security measures after a recent spate of terrorist attacks. It will assign more police in the London area. It can be recalled that three Islamist Militants ran into pedestrians in London Bridge just a couple of weeks ago.

Add to that the trauma from the Manchester attacks, it is not possible for people not to panic.

The Muslim Council also demand more security for the worshipping spaces, having stated that the earlier attack was another extreme demonstration of Islamophobia. Theresa May has labelled the terror attack as "sickening".


Some of the witnesses have shared their side of the story, one of them is a 38-year old named Mehdi.

He reported seeing at least four or five people lying on the ground after the van was rammed straight into them. Mehdi also reported that there was a stabbing incident and at least one person was stabbed.