The next version of the iPhone, which will be launched in autumn, will bring major changes. Rod Hall, JPMorgan analyst, claims that Apple will use on the next generation of iPhone a laser-based scanner which will be integrated in the front of the phone. It will facilitate the automatic phone unlocking due to facial recognition of the owner, taking over the Fingerprint Reader`s function.

This information accords with some of the most credible rumors which have circulated by now. According to these rumors, Apple is expected to discard the Home button, removing all at once its basic functions and its integrated fingerprint sensor.

Therefore, apealing to this rumor`s logic, Apple needs an alternative for securing its devices. So far we have talked about a sensor that reads fingerprints, and now the option of facial recognition shows up.

We consider the fact that both versions can be true. It wouldn`t be a big surprise if the top version of the new iPhone would have facial recognition system, while the other would use the fingerprint sensor, integrated in the screen or moved behind the phone.

New Design

By now, it was said about three IPhone versions Apple would launch this fall. In the top would be a 5.8 inch design, whose screen will probably fill a higher percentage from the front of the phone, due to lack of Home button.

Samsung and Apple signed an agreement whereby the South Korean company pledges to offer 160 million screens for future mobiles to the Americans. This number is surprisingly high, which means that iPhone8 could beat Apple`s sales records registered so far.

cNet has made a top of specifications that we could find on the new iPhone: Apple's next-generation processor, glass and stainless steel body, frameless display, wireless charging, improved water resistance, camera with dual lenses and AR capabilities, Support for Apple Pencil, iris scan as an alternative to Touch ID, new colors (including red), price that could exceed $ 1,000.

8 iPhone is likely to be launched in September this year, which means that it will be available, most likely in October.