IBM released a quantum computer processor that is available to the public and will allow anyone to compute at improved power and speed. This QC may help people solve computational problems that are less than impossible to solve with binary computers. They are very different from ordinary computers in what they can accomplish and anyone interested in trying to run Quantum computing tests only has to access the IBM Cloud. It´s believed that quantum computing will extend computation capabilities far beyond we can imagine with today´s computers.

What is quantum computing?

This type of computing studies theoretical computation systems that utilize quantum mechanic´s characteristics, including superposition and entanglement, to perform vast computational operations. Unlike binary computers which compute using binary code bits each of which can either be a 1 or a 0, quantum computers use quantum bits (qubits) which can take a varied number of states, thus allowing to process data more rapidly and accurately than with ordinary computing.

How do quantum (QC) computers make calculations?

Unlike typical computers, which compute data in binary representation of data, either 1 or 0, quantum computers utilize quantum bits (qubits) that expand computational capabilities, as they can exist in multiple states simultaneously , thus allowing the computation of a vast quantity of data at faster rates of time.

While a binary computer would have to search on different books to find a specific kind of data, a quantum computer will search on several books at the same time, coming up with the result in a thousandth of a second.

What is the future of QC?

Scientists think that the next step in computing technology lies in the advancement of quantum computing, as these computers could be able to solve problems that traditional computers take longer to solve.

While the development of QC present risks related with encryption data that it could easily crack, they also represent a technological advancement for areas, including space exploration, military intelligence, the prediction of the weather and enhanced encryption security based on quantum technology.

IBM stated that this QC is the beginning towards the creation of a more advanced quantum computer with greater computer potential.