In recent years few companies have attempted to developed high Technology quantum computers and those who have, such as IBM have made it accessible to the public, as they believe that the more people are exposed to them, the more rapidly they will be able to develop more powerful computers. With this in mind, IMB developed a Quantum computer that is available on the internet and that they named the IBM quantum experience. The computing machine is a small one and will allow users the process of data with quantum nature capabilities.

The quantum machine

This machine is encased in a very cold storage in an IBM facility in New York. Those who want to use it, just need to access the facility online to interact with it though an interface that resembles music score, where the commands are recorded as symbols. The machine will allow users to program in 5 qubits over the internet. It´s believed that the dominance of quantum computing will be reached when engineers design a machine that is capable of computing using 50 or more qubits. Not until then, the real computing using these machines will be achieved.

Where is quantum computer in the present?

To date, QC is in its beginnings and such a computer has not been developed that can surpass the computational capabilities of binary machines.

In the present, scientists are developing machines that are both analog and quantum, reducing much of the mistakes that are still detected while processing quantum data. Overtime, quantum machines will accurately resolve computational operations that are not practical or attainable with classical computers.

Companies developing quantum machines

IBM is not the only company intending to develop quantum machine. Other companies, such a Google have announced that they will intent to develop a machine that is capable of computing using 100 qubits in the next couple of years. It´s thought that as the development of these machines advances, so is going to grow the number of scientists developing these advanced data process machines with quantum physics properties, allowing them to do extraordinary things, such as predicting the weather that ordinary machines can´t do.