Bulletproof Huawei Phone saves businessman's life

Smartphones play an indispensable part in our lives, educating us, informing us and entertaining us throughout those idle hours. Users invest a lot of money protecting their phone, but what if the phone protected you? Chinese smartphone manufacturer, Huawei, have taken phones a step further making them bulletproof.

At the end of August, South African businessman Siraaj Abrahams was shot in the chest outside his home in Cape town - one of the world's most dangerous cities - but fortunately for Mr Abraham the bullet struck the his bulletproof Huawei P8 Lite that was in his chest pocket.

The armed robbers managed to take off with his cash, but thanks to Huawei, Mr Abraham’s life was spared.

Upon hearing this incident, Huawei South Africa replaced Mr Abrahams shattered Huawei P8 Lite with a new one, for free. A Huawei company employee expressed that this isn’t the first time a Huawei phone has blocked bullets in Africa and despite the miraculous feature of their phone, Huawei have no plans of using ‘bulletproof’ as a selling point for their phone.

Numerous citizens took to the internetnet to express their opinions with some jokingly stating that “when visiting a dangerous country, a Huawei phone must be carried at all times”. Others benchmarked the major phone manufacturers, “iphone 7 is water-resistant, Huawei is bulletproof and Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 is a grenade – we know the winner.”

Possibly a coincidence, the news has helped improve the impression towards “Made in China” products which have long held a reputation for producing cheap and disposable products.

Huawei whom are a market leader in communications + technology, is gradually taking over the world market as their products are becoming more appealing to international customers in addition to other Chinese phone brands such as “Xiaomi” and “Oppo” which are becoming more prevalent in African and South American countries.

Smartphones seem to be at the forefront of Chinese fever that appears to be sweeping Africa as even Chinese TV series have begun entering African households.