How can you make an irresistible Lead Magnet or opt-in offer so that It makesyour website visitors rush to put their names and email addresses in? It's easy, all you need to do is to think about it in a slightly different way. I have included some real world examples so we are going to have a look at 2 websites that have some really great Lead Magnets or Opt-in offers to bribe their visitors into taking the desired action and growing their Email List super fast.

‘Resource List’ is One of the Most Powerful Proven Lead Bribes That Works!

Ray Higdon ( is a blogging superstar.

He gets thousands and thousands of leads through his blog every month. Take a look at the lead magnet/opt-in offer right on his home page. “29 sources to get leads now” then “Free MP3 Download”. The headlines instantly grab visitors’ attention by offering something valuable i.e. a list of sources to get or generate leads for your business. The most common type of lead magnets that marketers tend to use are free reports and e-books. Now I am not saying that those offers don’t work, they definitely do, but they get you average conversion rates.

A list of resources as a lead magnet such as ‘list of free WordPress plugins for your e-commerce website’ is always going to get more attention from the visitors and results in better conversion rates / opt-in rates for that matter as compared to the commonly used lead magnets such as free reports and e-books.

This could be one of the primary reasons why Ray Higdon generates tons of leads for his business on his blog as, throughout his network of websites, you will find him offering a list of useful resources in exchange of people’s email addresses.

Use Videos to Generate High-converting Hot Leads for Your Business

Ray Higdon loves videos as lead magnets.

That is something you can learn easily by browsing through his network of websites that successfully generate tons of high-quality leads for his business every day. Check out this lead magnet on one of his travel blogs that says “free video download” that instantly sets the expectation as to what visitors upon clicking are going to get from Ray, a free video.

Then the headline says “My 7 Secrets to Traveling Like a Rockstar without Breaking the Bank” which appeals to almost everyone. When was the last time you wished to travel around the world without costing you an absolute fortune? I won’t be surprised if you tell me you wished just today in the morning as it is something we all fantasize about frequently. What Ray is doing is identifying his ideal customer’s pain point and offering a solution, all in a single headline. Some businesses use video-based tutorials to be delivered on a daily basis one by one in their lead’s inbox.

The combination of Resource List and Videos Totally Kills It!

Anton Kraly of Dropship Lifestyle brilliantly uses videos and resource lists to capture his leads.

He delivers video tutorials (one video a day) right in his new leads’ inboxes that not just help them better understand as to what actually Dropshipping or should I say ‘Affiliate Marketing’ is, but practically teach them how they can kick-start their very own drop shipping business and start making money online. Take a look at this lead magnet that appeals to the people who can’t get their heads around choosing a profitable niche to start their drop shipping business: "Finding 187 profitable niches in drop shipping has never been this easy, thanks to this free e-book offer!"