The IPad Pro is a very useful electronic device for those who need a portable, yet powerful computer. It allows you to do about anything you regularly do on a laptop or old pc. It comes in two versions-the IPad Pro 12.7 and the IPad Pro 9.7. Both of these two IPad versions allow you to computer work with ease. Both the 12.9 inch model and the 9.7 inch modelare versatile and portable and each integrates its own hardware based on their design.

High resolution display in iPad Pro

The iPad Tablet integrates retina display technology for higher pixel resolution that allows you to see crisper images and text on the screen.

It has a resolution of 5.6 million pixels, which is the highest resolution ever on an iOS device. The multi-touch-technology lets you manipulate the contents on the display with the soft touch of the fingers, as this version has been upgraded with higher sensitivity sensors and double retouch rate.

The 9.7 model integrates the most advanced display, with brightest colors on its display, as well as less reflectivity. It integrates true tone display. It is equipped with highly advanced ambient light sensor that adapt to the atmosphere of the working place by automatically dimming or brightening the display matching the surrounding light.

Audio system

IPad Pro integrates high fidelity speakers-strategically placed on each corner of the device, creating more detailed sound in the atmosphere.

It automatically modifies the direction of the high frequencies of the output to the speaks on the top. This allows you to hold the device in different modes, while at the same time being able to hear the whole Music or other soundexperience with fidelity.

A9X chip

This chip was designed specifically for this family of iPads.

The chip integrates the motion coprocessor, which is embedded within it. The powerful chip allows you to perform digital tasks that are regularly performed using a laptop or another PC. The working performance extent to more than ten hours, which is nearly 1.8 times the performance of the IPad Air 2.

Apple pencil

This is a digital tool that functions as a pen or pencil on the display of the device.

It functions through multi-touch technology, which integrates high sensitive sensors under it that detect the soft touches on the screen. Apple pencil allows one to draw images and any other kind of pencil artistry on the screen with high precision and detail. A smart keyboard that is attachable and very thin adds to the functionality of iPad Pro that Apple has made available..

Photos and video

The 12.9 inch model integrates an 8 megapixel iSight camera for taking images and video. The 9.7 inch version is equipped with a 12 megapixel iSight camera that can capture 4K film and slow motion films, as well. It true tone flash produces incredible images, even skin hues that look stunning, despite of the surrounding light.

Both of these IPads are encased in aluminum in four different colors. The 12.9 inch iPad weighs a little over 1.5 pounds and the 9.7 inch iPad weighs only less than one pound. They both run on iOS operating system from Apple.