Starting today your favorite news will come directly to your Smartphone via WhatsApp, the popular messaging app, with over 700 million users worldwide. WhatsApp is multi-platform and is available for iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, Windows Phone and Nokia. For this reason, it was the application of choice for Blasting News to broadcast the largest amount of free and independent information. This will be a new communication channel in order to keep up to date with everything that happens in the world. Not just a fast and free channel , but also a multimedia one, with which you can receive videos, news and pictures - to an increasingly mobile and interactive communication.

This service is free. To activate it:

- Add to WhatsApp contacts the number +41 798 945 398
- Send a free message with WhatsApp saying:

  • NEWS OK to receive the top news and videos of the day
  • POLITICS OK to receive the top politics news and videos of the day
  • FOOTBALL OK to receive the top football news and videos of the day
  • SHOWBIZ & TV OK to receive the top Gossip news and videos of the day

Receive only the best and most interesting news of the day, no spam or advertising of any kind. All this respecting your privacy. Your number will not be visible to other users and will not be used for any commercial purpose by Blasting News. For more information on the processing of personal data, send an email to

If at any time you want to disable the service, simply send the message with the name of the category followed by STOP (ex .: FOOTBALL STOP)

WhatsApp, the communication channel most beloved by users
Blasting News chose WhatsApp to spread your news articles and are thus be closer to your readers. WhatsApp revolutionized the world of online messages: it is not just a "medium", but a real network to keep in touch with the world and what happens in it.

A service that is successful not only among the young or geeky, but throughout all age groups. Recent research shows that cellphone use as a device to access the Internet is growing rapidly, and in some countries even exceeded the PC usage. WhatsApp has therefore seen a huge increase in the number of users during the last year in many European countries. Spain is the country where the app is more present, being installed in 74% of smartphones, followed by Germany (61%) and Italy (56%).

Simple numbers which make it easy to see that as WhatsApp is becoming the future communication channel. Simple, fast and always in your pocket.

These figures allow us to understand why Blasting News chose WhatsApp to spread its free information becoming thus closer to the reader. Medium and content will finally, in 2015, go hand in hand.

Enable now this new service and stay in touch with your favorite news.