No doubt the gadgets make our lives easier, faster and smarter. And some of them make it funnier still remaining useful. This year CES exhibition showed a great number of devices, many of which turned to be unexpected because of their looks, features or even the way to use them. Let's take a closer look at some of them.

SleepIQ kids bed

A real smart bed that tracks your kid's sleeping patterns. We all know that quality sleeping is crucial for our health. And a good sleep for kids is twice more important for their growth and development. It repairs the brain and the whole body.

The smart bed is equipped with sensors which track the child's breathing and heart rate, inform parents when the kid wakes up and on the whole monitors the influence of the daily activity on the quality of sleep. And it has a reward system for sleeping through and even a monster detector!


A smart device that can heat your feet, track the steps and count the burned calories. And - yes! - it is an insole! It connects to the smartphone via USB and is available in several colors for more fun. There's also a cheaper variation without a warming feature - but this is the very essence of the device. It can really help a wearer not to catch cold when one has no chance of getting home fast.

But still if your feet are getting cold all the time, this is a reason to pay your doctor a visit.

Emiota Belty

Yes, that's a belt. A smart one that slims or expands as a wearer changes position still keeping the pants where they should be. A too tight belt may cause esophageal carcinoma because of the acid reflux - when acid produced by your stomach can move up into your esophagus.

So this weird gadget is useful both for one's look and health.

Vigilant Rainbow Smart Toothbrush

Another smart thing to teach children brush their teeth responsibly. And they are fun because of their colors and the connected games available on smartphones. The good thing about such devices is that they form a healthy habit while the kids are not forced by their parents or dentists, but having a good time.

That helps to keep their teeth and nerves strong.

Virtuix Omni treadmill

Well, you might want to rescue a person who gets into this frightening device. It is a platform with a waist-high circle which locks around you. It lets gamers to make real moves and steps in their games with a head-mounted display. And this makes the process of playing videogames a little healthier because you can actually walk and run instead of sitting in a chair for hours.