When David Cameron was asked the price of bread late last year in an interview, he said, "I don't buy the value sliced loaf, I've got a breadmaker at home which I delight in using and it turns out in all sorts of different ways." He added, "A little plug for the flour made in my constituency – Cotswold Crunch – you get some of that, beautifully milled in the Cotswolds, you pop that in your breadmaker. You set the timer overnight so when you wake up there is this wonderful smell wafting through your kitchen. It takes 30 seconds to put in the ingredients. I'd recommend the Panasonic. There you are, that's a shameless plug.”

Ok so what if you want to buy a breadmaker? Here is a selection of 3 of the best breadmakers available, all courtesy of Amazon so you can also make your own bread and even jam!

The Andrew James Digital Bread Maker £49.99

The Andrew James Digital breadmaker has some great online praise and it seems it is all justified! This breadmaker is perfect for those who appreciate versatility. With the Andrew James bread maker you can make fresh bread along with cakes and pizza dough's. You can even make homemade jams. The Andrew James Digital breadmaker has 12 digital programmes to choose from and you can make bread easily and quickly. 

Cuisinart CBK250U Breadmaker £148.12

With its brushed stainless steel construction, 1 hour keep warm function, touch sensitive controls and nut & seed dispenser the Cuisinart breadmaker is one if the best available! It also has 12 preset programmes, 2 loaf settings, and adjustable crust settings so you can make the bread that's perfect for you. You can also make cakes, doughs and jams with the Cuisinart CBK250U Breadmaker.

Panasonic SD2502 £137.97 

As you will see from Cameron's words, some see Panasonic breadmakers as the best and there is no doubt after the Prime Minister's Panasonic's sales will increase. Well here is one of the best Panasonic breadmaker that you can expect to find. The Diamond Flouro coated Panasonic breadmaker makes 3 different sized loaves and you can easily make fruit jam or compote too.