Christmas is approaching and the season´s spirit is inundating every place one visits. As is customary during this period of the year, all stores are offering their products to the buyer and some offer good bargains as is the tradition. The biggest stores are announcing their most appreciated Toys for children. The variety of toys is endless; however, some are more appealing to children than others; therefore, the big stores revealed the top choices of the year.

For sci-fi lovers

For those who enjoy science fiction. Lego is offering the Star Wars Krennic´s Imperial Shuttle, which is an amazing model with folding wings and opening side and front panel.

It has a rear ramp with blaster space, dual loaded shooters and retractable landing skids. It includes five mini figures The Nerf Mega Mastodon is a motor-powered blaster that comes with 24 darts and a strap that can allow anyone to shoot comfortably when placed on the shoulders.

For youngsters 4-7 years old

For children with less sci-fi fight preferences, may find a DreamWorks Troll hug-time puppy which can produce 25 languages by pressing its belly and it also plays the songs in which it acted. The Kidizoom Smart Watch is among some that children prefer. This watch permits youngster to monitor their activities and it also comes with a pedometer; good enough to count the steps of the youngster while he/she displaces inside or at the park.

For girls

Some kids may prefer to play in a house setting and the Play-Doh Ice Cream Castle from Tesco may allow them to make ice cream of various shapes and styles. It comes with an ice cream presser and interchangeable discs. For the girls, the Disney Princess Royal Dream Castle, which is more than three feet tall, features four furnished rooms.

It includes 19 accessories, including most of what is found in a house. There is even a magic carpet ride at the lift of a lever.

The affordable ones

For those who are looking for something affordable, the Paw Patrol Air Patroller can be the best choice. It features a miniature rescue dog. This robodog travels in flying jet with lights and rotating propellers.

And for those who enjoy singing, the Sefie Mic includes a Karaoke microphone, earphones and music app. It also comes with a built-in iPhone holder. Lego City Volcano is a good one for those who are passionate about the earth sciences. It comes with a variety of vehicles and excavations and other accessories.